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When you have been injured, you have real problems, and real questions. How to pay for medical expenses? What about lost income from wages or private business? What about the pain and aggravation endured during recovery? And in the case of the death of a loved one, how to recover from the devastation and grief of loss?

I have litigated personal injury claims my entire career since 1974 -- including claims arising from automobile accidents, motorcycles knockdowns, VA medical malpractice, slip and fall cases and other premises liability matters, and insurance company disputes. I fight hard to obtain the best financial result for my clients, to help them get on with their lives after such an injury or dispute.

I have responded to more than a hundred questions posted on about personal injury and the related areas of medical malpractice, government tort claims, general civil litigation and social security disability. You are welcomed to peruse those questions and answers, at this link.

Your questions are always welcomed. My cell phone is 317-414-3339. Consultations are always at no charge, and fees on accepted cases are almost always contingent on recovery.

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