First, particularly you who are looking for a personal injury lawyer, this web site is attorney advertising, and David DuMond, Attorney at Law, admitted to practice in California and Indiana, with offices at 2478 South Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, is responsible for its content.

Now for those looking for bankruptcy or debt relief lawyers: Under the U. S. Bankruptcy Code (as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court) I must be considered a Debt Relief Agency (as defined by the bankruptcy code), since I help my clients file for bankruptcy, a powerful legal tool to relieve my clients of onerous debts and obnoxious debt collectors.

Finally, anyone looking at my website who owes money to one of my clients should be advised that under the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (again, as boneheadedly interpreted by the Supreme Court) I am a debt collector, and any communication you convey to me could be used to collect a debt. (I do some collection work for a few California credit unions, a Dangerous Goods education company from California and for a few Indiana contractors and a truck repair shop. If I have mailed you a demand letter or filed a lawsuit, then you and I both know who you are.)

I hope you have discerned that I did not make these statements because I think you are stupid.

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