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I have conducted a general law practice since 1974. In that time I have helped clients with personal injury, medical malpractice, particularly VA medical malpractice, family law, business law, probate and bankruptcy cases. Lately, I have had more probate and bankruptcy cases than anything else. My experience in litigation, personal injury, and business law has enhanced the results obtained for my clients. For instance, in the Capital One Bank v. Bonham case, I won a $10,000 judgment against What’s In Your Wallet bank in a bankruptcy case, when they filed a complaint against my client to deny him a discharge. In probate court, I obtained a $51,000 judgment against the TCF National Bank, another big bank, that tried to disavow responsibility for the “disappeared” trust funds of a disabled minor. And I had two successful multi-day trials in probate court in two contested adoption cases, both in support of the natural mother. One of my medical malpractice trials was published in various jury verdict reports, eg: The Indiana Jury Verdict Reporter.

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